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CHAT: Profile of Mental Illness

From:Abrigon Gusiq <mike_adams61@...>
Date:Saturday, May 15, 1999, 23:25
I know enough Americans (US) are on a variety of perscription drugs, some I
wonder if it is not cause it is fadish to be "mentally ill" either in the
social circles, or the mental health profession..

I know from experiances, tests are just some basic ideas of who/what/etc you
are and are subjective as well as some are semi-objective. Sadly to many are
taken as Gospel (SAT/ACT). And not a true test of a human being. The true
test is life, and sadly that is taken away sometimes by over emphasis on
tests.. IQ and like..

Seen a number of brain dead Mensa people, as well as some "idiots" who do
damn well..

Some tests are used for up-onemanship, as I believe some of us know to well,
that can lead to problems, and forget the true reason for the test, to ID
people who have needs, or abilities.

I have taken a test and barfed it, cause I was having a bad day, and then
took the same test a week laters and did well on it. Why, cause there is
many factors (seen this in my conlangs as well) beyond the average..

Maybe why we Conlang, to do something to see how we think, how others think,
how language playes in our lives, perceptions. Maybe the "Whorf?" theory is


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