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dialectal diversity in English

From:Daniel Ryan Prohaska <daniel@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 7, 2003, 8:17
> > The dialects from South Carolina are closer to being a seperate > language than are the ones from West Virginia. :)
I would never consider any of the American spoken varieties to be any thing approaching separate languages, not even some of the more conservative Appalachian varieties. As far as I can tell, American dialcets are all still fairly close to, well not exactly standard English, but some kind of "general" English. Only the phonology and vocab. Varies to certain extent. In England English dialects can be radically different from the standard. I'd still call them dialects as opposed to languages, but they is (or rather was, as the dialcts are dying out rapidly) much more dialectal diversity in England than in the US and Canad put together (in the English language that is). I consider Scots to be a separate language. Dan


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