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From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Thursday, March 2, 2000, 11:06
I dont know a better term for this, but how do you all say things like
"it's raining" or "it's dripping" without an actual specified agent to do
that action?

In Saalangal I couldnt figure out a satisfactory way to do it with just
what I had with the verbs, so I added an infix (-re) to express this.
(regular forms in parentheses):

Rain - isáw
to rain - isáw'an
it was raining - iiresáw'an (iisáwan)
it's raining - isonreáw'an (isonáwan)
it will rain - isunreisáw'an (isunisáwan)
it could rain - isangreáw'an (isangáwan)

*the ' reminds you to say 'awan' as 'aw-an', not 'a-wan'

This infix always goes after the tense infix for present and future tenses
plus the conditional, or after the repeated first syllables as in the past
tense. I also relaxed the stress rule. For infinitive, and imperative
forms, the roots keep their original stresses. For the three tenses and
the conditional, the stress falls on the penultimate (homophones be
damned! =) ) .

This is also one of the complexities of Saalangal. But this is all regular.

Anyway, how do you all handle this kind of thing in your conlangs?


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