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TRANS: Motherhood (was: Re: Have a nice day, and other things...)

From:daniel andreasson <daniel.andreasson@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 1, 2000, 12:36
Mia wrote:

> In ea-luna: > > ma rewa ea-rebi. > (imperative enjoy the-day.) > Have a nice day. > > That's "day" in a general or 24 hour sense. There is another word > that means "not night".
This reminds me of a translation exercise you (Mia) sent to the list in October last year ("TRANS: Motherhood"). I've been saving it because it was funny, but never got around to translate it all. Anyway, here is what I came up with then. It's still pretty much valid in today's Rinya:
> Have a good day at school.
"Deldar pen imenya." /'dEldar pEn I'mEnja/ deldar pen im -enya. day good 2sg-DAT 'Have a nice day.' Lit. 'A good day in your direction.'
> Don't yell at your brother.
"Dilec imenya yayawa!" /'dIlEk I'mEnja 'jajawa/ dilec im -enya ya -yaw -a brother:ABS 2sg-DAT NEG-yell-IMP 'Don't yell at your brother.'
> Don't run in the house.
"In lhicithe yagenna!" /In 'l<vls>IkITE ja'gEna/ in lhic -ithe ya -genn-a the house/home-LOC NEG-run -IMP 'don't run at home'
> Don't hit your sister.
"Telec imenya yamheica!" /'tElEk I'mEnja ja'm<vls>Ejka/ telec im -enya ya -mheic -a sister:ABS 2sg-DAT NEG-hit:REP-IMP 'do not repeatedly hit your sister'
> Don't touch your brother. Don't speak to your brother. > Don't even LOOK at him. Please.
"Dilec imenya yanema. Dilec imenya yanelda. Dilec imenya yayula. Hyelin im." dilec im -enya ya -nem -a. dilec im -enya ya -neld -a. brother 2sg-DAT NEG-touch-IMP brother 2sg-DAT NEG-speak-IMP dilec im- enya ya -yul -a. hyelin im. brother 2sg-DAT NEG-look/see-IMP kind 2sg I'm not sure yet if the imperative should trigger umlaut. If it will, then change {e} to {ae-lig} and {u} to {ó} (accent marks umlauting). E.g. 'yayóla' and 'yanælda'. - Daniel Andreasson [ e-mail ] [ main page ] ====================================== Things we expect Samuel L. Jackson to say in the upcoming star wars prequel: "Hand me my lightsaber. It's the one that says "Bad Motherfucker". ======================================