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Re: Anyone good at font-making?

From:Peter Bleackley <peter.bleackley@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 10, 2006, 9:29
staving David J Peterson:
>Pete: ><< >Here's a question - do .ttf fonts store the font name internally? I'd >installed David's, but I'd tried renaming Dustin's as "runes.ttf", >However, it may be that if "runes.ttf" is telling Font Viewer that >the font is called "Bukhstav", Font Viewer is showing me the Bukhstav >it already knows. > >> > >Yeah, with my program, you'd have to rename the font internally. >Simply changing the file name (e.g., by clicking on it and hitting >"rename") will either result in no change at all, or, even worse, >some programs will recognize the font, and others won't (this >has caused me a *world* of problems in the past). If it'll help, I >can change the name of my font and resend it. That *may* fix it, >but I don't know.
mœzawana shuþa ya yer, Davidye beb Dustinye. Its nice to have a choice of fonts for the Bukhstav, and there's a pleasing contrast between them. Now I've been able to see Dustin's font, there are three small bugs with it. 1) The short (downwards sloping) and long (upwards sloping) versions of each vowel are combined into a single glyph, rather than being given independent glyphs. 2) The gemination rune doesn't seem to be there 3) There are no characters for diphongs - Khangaþyagon has five diphongs, [ae) au) eu) oa) oe)] which are written as ligatures of the long form of the first element followed by the short form of the second element. mœza - great wan - adverb-forming segunak a - 1p shuþ - thank y- personal pronoun e - 2p r - plural ye - topical vocative beb - and Pete