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LCC Handouts, etc.

From:David J. Peterson <dedalvs@...>
Date:Tuesday, May 9, 2006, 5:50
Caleb wrote:
I do know that several times during the non-power-point-enabled
presentations, I found myself wondering what was being said.
Especially when a program or handout was being referred to. Are these
available somewhere?

I was there, and I haven't watched the talks again since without
handouts, but for those that had handouts, I thought they went
really well, and were easy to follow.  This may be because I had
the handout.

Regarding this point, most of the handouts are available for
download from the LCC website:

Many of the handouts, submitted beforehand, constitute the bulk
of the LCC program.  There were two handouts that were not in
the program, but were handed out separately the day of.  These
were the handouts for John Clifford's talk and Matt Pearson's
talk.  If worse comes to worse, I could scan mine in and put them
up somewhere, but Sai should be able to get some .pdf versions
of those and put them up online.  It's a shame that neither of
these handouts made it into the program, because both are
*fantastic*--not just as handouts for a talk, but as resources for
future conlanging.

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"No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn."

-Jim Morrison


David J. Peterson <dedalvs@...>