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Re: OT: semi-OT: names

From:Aquamarine Demon <aquamarine_demon@...>
Date:Saturday, April 13, 2002, 20:40
>>Well, Moten is written with the Roman alphabet with the addition of four
letters all beginning with a vertical bar (like a "t" without the horizontal bar). Using the pipe is a way to render them in electronic media. Those four letters are |s, |z (representing the affricates /t_s/ and /d_z/), |n and |l (representing the palatals - or palatalised, since this language doesn't make a difference between them - /n_j/ and /l_j/).<< Ah. I see.
>>What is your last name? I can try to tell you if it means something in
French :).<< Well, it's Morris, and I once read it came from the French name Maurice, so...
>>Personal fixation :))) . I've always found the phoenix to be an
interesting mythical creature. And like it I always come back from my ashes, meaning that you can hurt me as much as you want, I'll always survive :)) .<< Ooh, I like that analogy. :)
>>Well, it's only four, so it's not that much. American people with first
name, middle name and last name are only one less than that :)) . Ans since the samsigoj is never actually used to call someone, names in Moten are in fact just made of three meaningful parts. Christophe.<< Hehehe... yeah, I guess it isn't that much. (BTW, I'm sorry this is so late, been busy as of late.) Noelle __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Yahoo! Tax Center - online filing with TurboTax