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Re: Roots of English (Was: Intro and other)

From:Anton Sherwood <bronto@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 1, 2002, 18:42
>>> Frisian didn't come to England. . . .
>> Except perhaps at Freston and Friston (Sf), Frieston and >> Friesthorpe (Li), Frisby (Le), Frismarsh (YE), Frizington (Cu).
Michael Poxon wrote:
> Oooh! I'd feel dubious about many, if not all, of those. They're all > in the Danelaw, or areas otherwise heavily influenced by Scandinavians. > Without the earliest-recorded forms of those placenames he'd be a brave > soul who ventured a definitive origin from a Fries- root (Hence your > cautious "perhaps"), and since Fr- would have been a common initial > consonant cluster in all Scandinavian languages (personal names, for > example, based on Frodi-, Frig-, etc) I'd plump for them all being > probable Scandinavian placenames.
Yes, well, I got these from Ekwall (who does give early forms); if I were speculating, I'd also have mentioned these: Friston (Sx): "This may be OE <Fri:ges tu:n> or the like. But perhaps rather OE <fyrs-du:n> `furze-covered hill'." Frizinghall (YW): "Perhaps `furze-covered haugh'." Fryston (YW): "`Frithe's tu:n'. <Frithe> may be ODan <Frithi>." -- Anton Sherwood --