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C'est Chic (was: Con-Alphabets & Real Languages)

From:laokou <laokou@...>
Date:Monday, December 31, 2001, 21:13
From: "Christian Thalmann"

> Schick, Soße... *shudder* Must be an exclusively German spelling. In > Switzerland, you'd write those loanwords in the original way (chic, > Sauce), while the Austrians would probably use an archaic germanic word > instead ("fesch", "Beisaft"? ;-).
I've seen both "Soße" and "Sauce". I prefer the former, 'cause in my "death to the Rechtschreibreformen" mode, I like to use the beloved ess-tsett wherever poßible. As for "schick", I said in an earlier post that I was unaware of this word. It kinda makes sense to me now. As an adjective, it'd undergo declension, so you'd get things like "eine chice Bluse", "einen chicen Hut", oder "ein chices Kleid". I suppose it wouldn't be the end of the world once you got used to it (what do the Swiss do?), but I can see it causing confusion for readers stumbling onto this word for the first time. You could throw a "k" in there like English does with "picnicking", but the results wouldn't look that much better ("einen chicken Hut"?! No, that'd be KFC's newest competitor.). "Schick" removes all dilemmas (and stubble [nyuk, nyuk]). Sidebar: How do you pronounce "Jade" in German? [ja:d@]? [Za:d@]? [dZe:d]? Kou


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