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Re: CHAT: "John Doe" equivalents sought

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Sunday, May 21, 2000, 2:22
>And while I'm rambling about connotations about names here, what is (if >any) your equivalents of something or somebody "harry"? (How I pity the >original Harry!) A harry person: fat hair, wearing jeans or leather or a >mix, furry dice and wunderbaum in the tweaked car (uses it to attract >chicks), >the car-stereo, which probably cost more than the car, is churning out >either >something to woo (also harry) girls with, or some old Country (oh sorry >it's >named "roots" here now) or other unspeakably bad music, with a volume high >enough to pierce your ear-drums. Bad booze (read: moonshine), worse >tobacco, >low income, low status (most places), no future. A harry thing is >anything a >harry person does or has or would (presumably) enjoy.
Around here, the guys who alter their cars here are often called Rice Boys (used mostly by Asians to describe other Asians who do this to their cars). They often install large muffler pipes (all chromed up), have tinted windows, shiny rims. They also lower their cars down, or tilt the wheels in (for better traction, but it really just screws up the car). Often they install things like spoilers, and a "phat" sound system (phat is a slang term for cool, but better). Often the cars have decals that make the car look ugly as sin, all in an attempt to impress other Rice Boys, and the girls who follow them around. The cars that these Rice Boys create are often called Rice Rockets (my twin is on his way to doing this to his perfectly fine Accura). These Rice Boys however, are usually middle class, and arent low income, but often have spent more time thinking about their cars than their futures, and usually end up going to the Junior college, or working right out of High School (There are Rice Boys in College though). Also, the cars that are tweaked are almost always Japanese economy cars.
> > >Hmmm... are rednecks like that?
Well, from what I can gather......... Rednecks generally are generally from rural areas, and tend to love their trucks, beer, and wimmin (women ;)). Often, they have rusted cars that they cannibalize for parts, and these often decorate their lawns (along with furniture, or large appliances), which are often surrounded by a beat up chain link fence, and a very unkempt yard. Many of these fine specimens are to be spotted in tank-top shirts (or undershirts), whith grimy jeans, boots, and the classic mullet (short on top, and long on bottom, the haircut with a split personality). OFten they wear beat up baseball caps, and some even have gun racks in their trucks (fer shootin' game) Sometimes they are called White trash, or trailer trash, depending on their habitats. (Note, these are the very negative generalizations. The American comedian Jeff Foxworthy Jokes about Rednecks and has a routine where he says "You know you're a redneck if....." (I think that's the line). Anyway, i know some people who pride themselves on being rednecks, and even had a Puerto Rican aquaintence who, since he lived in South Carolina, considered himself a redneck (strange as that may sound). ________________________________________________ Soon to be a member of the procrastinators club, once i get around to joining.