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NGL: Translation: 1 Corinthians 13

From:Gerald Koenig <jlk@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 23, 1998, 18:13
Stephen wrote:
>And what's interesting about this is that I think it means NGL has an >_inherent_ verb system, simple, but complete with tenses beyond the >generic. Consider these sentences, in order of descending level of >explicitness: > >TOKCIR: [7 sylables GLK] >Mom tibeomnos danka. "I was going to school." > >ZUMIRTOK: [7 sylables GLK] >Mom ta tibeom danka. "I was going to school." > >NGL GENERIC: [7 sylables GLK] >Mom tibeom danka pa. "I was going to school." (Lit. I go school past)
You forgot vtense: NILENGA: [5 or 6 syllable forms] miam tibe danka. "I was going to school." from Mi+pA; or, the same: lum tibe danka. "I was going to school" from LU+Me; or, logographic: [@-*>]* tibe danka. pronounced lum tibe danka. or: mi ti-*be danka. pronounced mi tiambe danka. "I was going to school" Visualize the ugly logograph as a single graceful glyph. It's coming soon to our screens via unicode. I read the TOKCIR version as past imperfect; o for past and s for imperfect. At least that's what the cheat-sheet says. Past imperfect would be I _went_ to school. "Was going" is past progressive. Jack, is this correct use of your system? GLK ---------------------- Vtense goes to the point