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Re: Verbless language

From:Christopher Wright <faceloran@...>
Date:Monday, January 20, 2003, 16:07
Kio Mau hal:
>And what about the pure grammar? Sounds a fair tongue to me >thus i'm curious.
<HUMOR TYPE="bad">It's not fair at all. In fact, it browbeats words into submission and reserves the lion's share of attention for the lexicon. I've tried to make it behave, but the whole system is set up to support it. </HUMOR> Anyway, Kiohala has a normal word order of SOV*, adverbs in the back, extra prepositional phrases before the verb. Of course, this word order is greatly morphable, just like any language with a plethora of cases. It's commonly abridged to emphasize one element of the sentence. Noun phrases consist of some or all of these elements in this order: preposition, adjective, noun, quantifier, article or possessive, and prepositional phrase. *Though not really, since the verb is just a noun that has [usually] lost its gender marker. Right now, the only inflecting case I have made is the genitive. It's a prefix of |j| /j/. *cackles at the knowlessmen who try to pronounce Kiohala* More cases will be added in the fullness of time. Perhaps I'll change o "and" to be an affix. There are two genders, masculine and feminine. At present, they only affect nouns and adjectives (adjectives match the noun's gender), though I may add gender to the verbs as well. I like that idea. Perhaps I could even have two verbs for each meaning, one masculine and one feminine. Or I could make it like the adjective system and say that verbs used to be adjectives. Masculine: seqtro majy /'sE:tro mai/, plural seqtrov majenqy /'sE:trov ma'jE:ni/ (smart king) Feminine: seqtre wenqa /'sE:trE 'PE:na/, plural seqtrev wenqa* (smart queen) *Haplologized from "wenqenqa". Oftentimes, I don't need any sort of verb because the rest of the sentence naturally implies it. For instance, I have done away with "give" and "have" already. I just realized that this language is somewhat like Ebidesian in its odd cases, though I isolate and H.S. Teoh inflects, or perhaps agglutinates. ~Chris Wright On me slavery from language most recent my.