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The Relay Game. 1. From Teonaht to Eloshtan

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Sunday, December 5, 1999, 19:42
As promised, here is the Relay Game published in order
(I fervently hope).  The numbers in the subject header
should line up as I post them.  I might do a little
editing (changing your language completely... ha ha,
just kidding) on some of the longer posts, I mean insofar
as taking out, for instance, the last person's text and
so forth.

I sent out a poem that you've seen several weeks ago;
it was a directive against listening at keyholes or
looking through your neighbor's window, in the words
of the Goddess of Household Wisdom (and pleasure and feminine
sagacity... our old familiar Bast).  It has transformed into
a poem about poetry and fecundity!  I think this is marvelous!
I wonder what it says about the essentially creative and
upbeat nature of most of the minds on this list that reject
cynicism and favor sublimity??  <G>

At any rate, here it is again:

The Proverbs of Bastet

Kwe cel hoja ouanfy, fel ai wem sonnentma.
Kwe cel milika ouanfy, effel ai wem winnyfda.
Kwe cel voy korept oua fy, fyl nemral ai wem vannentma.
Mareadaf!  Euil arttysin Bastedid mareadaf!

Kwe cel ydonar keinfy, fyl htinnel ai wem winnyfda.
Kwe hsob aippara keinfy, fyl tamolin wem ai drolma.
Kwe hyn elnaowet darnendward, fyl elvyna ai wem rohhontma.
Mareadaf!  Euil tindo Bastedi mareadaf!

"What you hear in the wind may heal you.
What you hear in the stream may feed you.
What you hear at the keyhole may make you heartsick.
Praise!  Praise the ears of Bastet!

What you see in the woods may feed your family.
What you see under the bed may scare your children.
What you peer at through your neighbor's window may
        make your wife cold (to you).
Praise! Praise the vision of Bastet!

This I sent to Josh, who turned it into Eloshtan.
Coming up next (I fervently hope!)

SALLY CAVES (bragpage) (T. homepage) (all else)
Niffodyr tweluenrem lis teuim an.
"The gods have retractible claws."
                                from _The Gospel of Bastet_