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Re: New record! More than 1500 postings!

From:Raymond A. Brown <raybrown@...>
Date:Sunday, June 6, 1999, 6:01
At 10:25 pm -0500 5/6/99, Nik Taylor wrote:
>"Raymond A. Brown" wrote: >> If only....... >> Trashing unlilely subjects is all I can manage. > >Yeah, kind of a mixed blessing.
Yep - I know. If only subject headings got changed when a thread went off a different tack :) There are, however, two or three emailers whose posting I never trash before reading since I've found that generally they don't reply unless they have something interesting to say. That's one way I find out about 'misleading' subject headers. OTOH I'm glad to say that currently on this list there are no names I automatically trash :) [....] Fortunately - now the two-day backlog is out of the way - I can skim through it all at the moment - as long as no one takes it into their head to make June another record breaking month! Ray.