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Weekly Vocab #24 in Kash

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Wednesday, October 1, 2003, 4:12
1. field-- andele, irreg. < ilele 'to dig'
A well-fertilized field creates much joy.
andele re ambik irundomek, yarumbinda kaçe
field REL correct they-fertilize, it-caus-happy person/dat.
(rundomek is also a caus.verb, < lomek 'fertile')

2. chicken NO. popo a "lizard", tastes just like.....
Chickens don't help with fertilization since they're too acidic. [a weird
neyak popo ta powumit vara rundomek ombi supat çeyakni
excrement popo not useful in-order fertilize because too-much sour-its

3. copper== keret luhu 'metal blood' or lukat
I found large deposits of copper in my field yesterday.
koprat matromat visiñiç raka lukat ri andelemi
yesterday I-found deposit-pl big copper LOC field-my

4. mine -- emundele (deriv. < pit + dig)
The king's men installed a mine before I could so much as tell my neighbor.
kaçila e karuni irumale emundele, kami kandikre mapole rungaya kamorayemi
people def. karun/gen they-create mine, even before-that
I-able caus-know neighbor/dat/my

5. please -- maturo 'I beg'; turole 'begging' (to a superior)
Those men weren't very nice.  They didn't even say "please".
nila kundak kambo. takami ikota maturo
3anim/pl  not-very polite. not-even they-say "maturo"

6. thousand amba
A thousand hides of my land were taken as part of the mines.
amba-amba li matu içuña çombambi vara mepu emundeleçni
by-thousands "li" square they-grab land-acc-my in-order make mine-pl/their

7. structure -- pumbik 'shed'
They have built a hasty, rude structure over the mine.
ri nihiñi emundele, imepu pumbik ninga-tringat
LOC top-its mine, they-make shed jerry-built

8. ugly volap
It's as ugly as a demon's butt.
sambat volapni, orandi pacifut purapowi
so-much ugly-its, like anus(vulg.) purapo-gen.

9. typical....
Such is typical of government work.
sañ añupit liri ambepuni vetrita
thus custom w.r.t. work-its goverment

10. lazy-- (caka)fita
I'm not giving a tenth term for this vocab. because I got lazy.
ta mavele kota kufola, ombi cakafita
not I-give word Ord-ten, because overcome-by-lazy