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Re: Omniglossa

Date:Friday, December 21, 2007, 23:42
> [] On Behalf Of David J.
> Another minor thing: Do you really have to put the IP address > of the user on the page? It's not relevant to the project,
and it
> would I word this... It makes you seem paranoid. > Is it really a necessity?
Yes, I've had a lot of problems with net abusers. I'm keeping my legal options open for dealing with them. The IP address is just a way of reminding them they aren't anonymous (I won't go into the ways to surf anonymously either).
> Interesting note: there are *no* hits for "omniglossa" on
> That means when it finally finds you, you'll be the only
one--nice! I did a search beforehand to make sure the name was unique.