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Re: Omniglossa

From:Paul Bennett <paul.w.bennett@...>
Date:Saturday, December 22, 2007, 0:58
On Fri, 21 Dec 2007 17:15:42 -0500, <li_sasxsek@...> wrote:

> Omniglossa is here. I've finally had a little time to write the > scripts to make it work on the web. It's still a bit crude, and > searches only work in English, but it is working.
That's a very nice site indeed. I do have a few user-friendliness questions. Why do you enforce an ordered list of fonts? It's the sort of information where any knowledgeable user is going to have already their browser fonts configured to their taste, and any knowledgeunable user would not know what to do with the information anyway. Likewise, why do you enforce font sizes? I have similar usability and accessibility reasons for asking. The Javascript is fairly wasteful, and potentially could end up harming you more than it helps you. Sure, you've spent time, brainpower, and probably money to make your database. However, nobody who wants to steal your hard work is going to bother using right-click to do it, and anybody who wants a snippet for legitimate fair use is either going to end up cursing your name, or changing their browser config to confound you. Anything that uses 'document.write(unescape(' could (though probably should not) be considered an attempted attack, and could end up with your site being RBLed by people with far more control over the Internet than you have, and/or blocked by the security preferences of your (putative) users' browsers. That said, the actual content of the page (layout and security issues aside) is excellent. To summarise my feelings: Great content, shame about the site. Consider using CSS instead of explicit styles. Please use less-totalitarian styling. Try to avoid client-side scripting unless you really do need live interaction with the user. Sorry if this comes off as hostile, but there really isn't a useful non-hostile way to suggest these things, Paul -- Using Opera's revolutionary e-mail client: