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I *almost* understand the IPA!

From:Adrian Morgan <morg0072@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 26, 2002, 3:21
I did some detailed analysis of my speech last night, and am ready to
have a stab at transcribing it.

I'm rather recklessly and unorthodoxically labelling "bird" as [b8:d],
but when I look in the mirror that *is* what it looks like, based on IPA
vowel diagrams. I base this conclusion on reciting the phrase "Oh,
another murder" in front of the mirror several hundred times last night.
Insert standard don't-have-a-soundcard disclaimer.

The following is an attempt to narrowly transcribe the item archived at:
see below for normalisation from pure IPA standard.

DE@          There
{t           at
D@           the
s{uT         South
@str{ilij@n  Australian
{fp6:ti      Afparty
D@           the
hEdZhOg      hedgehog
lUkt         looked
{t           at
D@           the
w85d         world
Tr}:         through
wItS         which
o:l          all
{7@          our
fu:lIS       foolish
m6indz       minds
h{d          had
gO:n         gone
{nd          and
{idrij@n     Adrian
mo:g@n       Morgan
sp3\}k       spoke
th6s         thus

Pure vowels:
  [E] is considerably raised from the standard
  [{] is slightly raised from the standard
  [6] represents the whole region around [6], [a], [A]
  [U] is slightly closer to [u] than the standard
  [8] is more fronted than the standard
Assimilatory effects:
  [o] is raised when preceding [l]
  [{] is lower than otherwise in [{u] and [{7@]
  [7] is stab in the dark for midvowel in "our"
  [}] is lowered in [3\}]

Note: Deviations from the standard concerning the second vowel of a
diphthong are not noted. However, a point of interest: I think the
same diphthong is [{I] in "mate" and [{i] in "made", and that the
difference corresponds to the relative length of the diphthong.