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Re: Une Question

From:Remi Villatel <maxilys@...>
Date:Thursday, March 11, 2004, 2:54
Christophe Grandsire wrote:

> En réponse à Remi Villatel :
>> I disagree with what I've read here.
> Doesn't make you right.
I didn't say so, I just tought it aloud. ;-)
>> Even Christophe seems to have forgotten >> his natlang because what he wrote is ungrammatical; at least, it's not a >> sentence.
> Please point to me where I have been ungrammatical in French, since I > *haven't* put a single French sentence in the thread you're responding > too. The closest I did was English with French punctuation, as I learned > it. English is *not* ungrammatical French, despite what many French > people might believe.
> So next time you insult me like that, please refer to something real.
Put your sword down, young jedi! ;-) I didn't mean to insult you otherwise I'd have use bad words. Read again what you wrote. You cut a sentence beginning with "when" in two parts with a full stop. Just as if you wrote: When I was young. I wasn't tall. Ungrammatical, isn't it? ;-) And I make no difference between English and French. It's just that sometimes I must think hard to realize that I'm reading English and not French and I mistake the one for the other.
>> (Unicode rules! If you can't read the chars, it's your fault. Change your >> mail client!) ;-)
> No, it's yours: the Listserv is not Unicode-friendly, and Unicode will > very easily get mangled. ASCII plain text is the only secure thing in > mail. And it's gonna stay that way for years to come, whether you like > it or not.
[---CUT---] I don't know if the list server is Unicode-aware but my e-mail went through and came back to me without error. I didn't mean that everybody should change his e-mail client but that mine handles Unicode perfectly. Didn't you see the smiley? It's only after sending my e-mail that I realized that I shoud have restored (at least) the ISO8859-1 coding before sending. Besides, I'm not the only one to send Unicode e-mails on the list; I've already seen very strange scripts around here.
> I've seen both simple and double quotes in official papers, but the > rules *I* learned said that double quotes were monsters imposed on us by > anglo-saxon computers, i.e. they weren't originally part of the French > punctuation.
> So maybe you disagree but what I learned at school doesn't fit your > views. And I have no reason to consider my school was wrong...
My older school taught me what you can see in official papers and that's not a matter of point of view. That's all I can say without starting another argument. See ya, ================ Remi Villatel ================