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Weekly Vocab. 21 in Kash

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 10, 2003, 4:58
ketrafun penjolo 'the "tofu" artist'

penjolo, colloq. penjo, is a tofu-like foodstuff (compd. of pengop 'paste'
coloçe 'soybean analogue')

1. dull popor
A dull knife cuts no (cheese) "tofu"
tica popor ta lica penjo

2. muscle randik
The cheese sculptor creates a figure with bulging muscles.
kañakan umit penjo yahan emahen re cakarandik
sculptor use/bymeansof "tofu" he-create image REL. overcome-by-muscle

3. floor kanin
Its cheesy robes brush the floor.
payorakni mepu penjo yafoci-focip kanin
"caftan"-its made tofu it-touch2 floor

4. cloth çepo
The robes almost seem to be made of real cloth-- silk and linen and velvet.
payorakni mondra yaworana çepowi aleka-- sutra, layundin, lombet
caftan-its amost it-resembles cloth/gen real -- silk, (2 other types of
(I got lazy and assumed silk has been introduced; sutra is Skt/Indonesian)

5. white vanat (note concultural changes)
The cheese for the robes is a pure white "tofu", whereas the skin is made of
"tofu" colored black.
penjo uçoñi payoraki yahalap yavanat, uçoñi hendowi mowa penjo hambos
.... for robe/gen. it-is-pure it-is-white, for skin/gen but
penjo mixed "black sauce"
(Evidently the figure is dressed in white for a religious wedding; Kash fur
of course is black. Susumbara is probably something like squid ink. Yummy.)

6. to swing yuyañ
The robe is so thin that it swings in a breeze
sambat tevas payorakni, yuyañ anju yangaci
so-much delicate robe-its, swing when breeze

7. awkward engor (actually means 'unsuitable')
The expression of the cheddar hero is the awkward embarrassment of someone
needing to visit the lavatory.
 temo penjo yale angandini engor olandi kaçe cakutre ombi  yapita cosa yurun
hero tofu it-is/has appearance-his awkward like person/dat. embarrassed
because he-need go "place"
(olandi for orandi due to preceding /r/)

8. to entertain rundoko (caus. of loko, enjoy)
The careful carving of the sculptor entertains the sort of people who
memorize games of chess.
tuçani andicakan kañakani yarundoko kaçe naya ya re lisam nimbur
ambanipiçini ahetres
careful-of carving sculptor/gen. it-entertains person/dat. sort that REL
like remember game-pl-gen-its chess
(Chess-- lazy again. But surely they have an analogue.)

9. dot kiki
kiki cakatikas ri kandola temowi, yamace amirikni orandi
dot suddenly-visible LOC nose hero/gen, it-mar beauty-his like wart/small

10. fly cici 'insect'
kiki yu, ya cici re melo umit ufahandusni vara lumolap añakan trafun
dot that, is insect THAT want use breath-last-its in-order deface/make-ugly
creation art(istic)
(ya colloq.=yale 'it is'; lumolap for rumolap due to preceding /r/)