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CHAT: Dutch treats (was: It sucks!)

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Thursday, June 21, 2001, 0:07
Steg Belsky wrote:
>I've never heard of any of these... >Although, i remember reading (not hearing) the expression "going Dutch" >to mean "when a couple on a date shares paying instead of one of them >paying for both".>
The generation gap strikes again? J.Cowan has explained "going Dutch" = Dutch treat. FYI: "Dutch uncle" is, amazingly, not derogatory. It simply refers to an older, unrelated, friend of the family for whom the children have affection. Oddly, there's no "Dutch Aunt". "Dutch wife" is amusing. It's just a stuffed bolster, say 3-4 ft long by 12 inches diameter. Innocent enough. But in the tropics (at least in Indonesia), it was a fixture of every bed. At first I thought it was just an extra, rather firm pillow that was somewhat awkward and in the way; but hesitated to inquire further. Then from colleague's comments (how subtly our foreign hosts clue us in!), I learned that you sort of cuddle with it in bed, in particular, you throw one leg over it. And lo and behold, it improves air circulation around the legs and, on really hot nights, helps absorb sweat. A final story about the Dutch, and then I'll shut up: When I quit the previously mentioned job with the Dutch Co. in NYC, in order to finish college, I explained to the boss that I was interested in getting into international business of some sort. Boss was either Swiss or Danish (likely the latter, judging from his rather wicked sense of humor). He advised me: "You know, those Dutch guys come over here and we take them all around, to the Four Seasons, whatever. When we go to Holland, we're invited to their home. The wife keeps the key to the liquor cabinet, and we get a cup of tea and a cookie." All this was a long, long time ago, and I'm sure the Dutch aren't like that anymore :-)


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