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Re: Basque bizarreries (was: Conland Digest etc.)

From:Javier BF <uaxuctum@...>
Date:Sunday, February 29, 2004, 15:37
>The choice of these depends on aspect: (1) is used for >perfect tenses: "egin/hartu du" (I have done/taken), >(2) is used for imperfect tenses: "egiten/hartzen du", >(I'm doing/taking), and (3) is used for future tenses: >"egiteko/hartzeko du" (I will do/take).
Sorry, minor correction in the examples I gave above: "egin/hartu dut" (I have done/taken it) "egiten/hartzen dut" (I'm doing/taking it) "egiteko/hartzeko dut" (I will do/take it) Cheers, Javier