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Revised Tokana Reference Grammar available/elenyo

From:O'Connell James <jamestomas2@...>
Date:Monday, May 21, 2001, 20:58
síé! (hi)

Sorry but I don't have Word 2000. I have never seen
Tokana and I was just wondering if someone could give
me some brief info and of course some sentences,
because I always love looking at other languages.

btw, although elenyo is not currently on the internet
I would like to post it again when I have somewhere I
can do so, because it is now pretty much grammatically
complete, and lexically growing rapidly. So I thought
I would post some sentences.

From Celtic Fairy Tales - The Black Horse:

nadæilhin kalladhina yunyis innandro gañ in lé
innandro ammach lauril.

Out went the black horse into the lake, and the lake
became flame.

From Farmer Giles of Ham:

yun esté sento, pell enyanírel nadæilnaeya lé aenyíl
esté taliñ rallo déto.

The next day they rode on, and all the day after.

From Meet Mr Majimpsey:

manæn iñmun. illa manæn pár alhatolaswisshé mané
visertolaswalmém móraun oilla. lé súl iñmun. Mr
Majimpsey sin kyéyan acúta bakóryas san serfinnul, san
endayisañwilmém, tinyo epessich nan mané. mala, déta
ída ænyíl malatán iñmun móraun san mauglía, avro

It was dark. As dark as if they had never taken off
his blindfold. And it was cold. Mr Majimpsey was
seated on a shelf cut from the rock, his only resting
place. He asked himself if it were possible to be
executed in a dream.


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