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Re: webifying Tokana (was Re: LUNATIC again)

From:Christopher Palmer <reid@...>
Date:Thursday, November 5, 1998, 7:06
On Thu, 5 Nov 1998, Matt Pearson wrote:

> I suppose that, in spite of my hectic schedule, I could try to get some > software to convert my Word files into HTML.
Newer versions of Word itself will actually do that, but it's not a pretty sight.
> I doubt seriously if the UCLA Humanities Computing Office > (which maintains my homepage) would allow me to upload that much stuff. > So what to do?
There's always Geocities. But I don't know why they wouldn't be cool with it -- it *is* linguistics, after all. Do you have a puter in your office? Run your own Web server (assuming you have a static IP address)! _____________________________________________________________________________ Christopher Reid Palmer : : innerFire on IRC (EFNet)