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Circumfixes and syllabic consonants

From:Who? <fflores@...>
Date:Saturday, October 31, 1998, 12:18
Hi all!

I'd like to hear your opinions about the use of circumfixes.
I'm planning to have quite a lot of them in a new conlang
project, but it seems to me they are more the exception than
the rule in natlangs. Anybody has stats about which natlangs
use each kind of affix? (I mean, suffixes, prefixes, infixes,
and circumfixes). Are circumfixes just a merge of prefix + suffix
or something else?

Also, syllabic consonants: how frequent are they? Have you
ever used them? By "syllabic consonants" I mean consonant
sounds that can be treated as vowels, i. e. they can form a
syllable, and be stressed. I know at least Chinese has a syllabic
"r". My new conlang is having lots of syllabic consonants; in
fact, voiced fricatives can all be syllabic.

--Pablo Flores

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