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favorite aspects of conlanging

From:Tom Tadfor Little <tom@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 27, 2001, 4:09
I've been fleshing out my Iltârer language sketch on the web
( Perhaps because of the
influence of this list, or perhaps because of just getting older, I find
I'm more serious about fleshing the language out thoroughly, including
syntactical and lexical detail that wouldn't ordinarily attract my
attention. (Most of my language sketches are heavy on phonemics,
orthography, and inflection, but falter in vocabulary and in the
intricacies of clause construction and sentence structure.) I thank this
group for giving me some incentive to make my language "presentable" --
something that one could actually try to learn and express oneself in.

But this got me to wondering--do the rest of you have "favorite" aspects of
language design, areas where you seem to get all sorts of ideas without
even trying, and "drudgery" aspects--things that you do to make the
language presentable, but that you don't actually derive much pleasure
from? And for those of you who've been at this for years--do those category
boundaries shift with time?

Cheers, Tom

Tom Tadfor Little     
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Telperion Productions 


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