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Re: Cyrillic for English

From:Roland Hoensch <hoensch@...>
Date:Friday, December 10, 1999, 17:19
Three letters granted.  That leaves English with 30-35 seperate
sounds and 26 letters.  I won't say that's good or bad... but three
letters when about a good 10-12 were needed is a small start
if anything.

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Subject: Re: Cyrillic for English

> > Which, with Latin, mean a dash here and there, a tilde, etc...
Cyrillic, as
> > I see > > it tends to take on whole new letters. > > Because it was MADE with those letters, just like the Roman alphabet was > made with the letters it has. > > Besides, we've added 3 letters since Roman times - w, j, and u. >