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LCC '10 in Saarbrücken, Germany (was Re: [relay] Possible near-future relays?)

From:Jörg Rhiemeier <joerg_rhiemeier@...>
Date:Thursday, November 27, 2008, 16:20

On Thu, 27 Nov 2008 11:34, David Peterson wrote:

> Indeed, Deutschland! Saarbrucken, to be specific. But, please, bear in > mind that at this point, it's just speculation--plans we're mulling around. > We very much want it to happen, as our goal is to try to involve > *everyone* in the LCC--if not all at once, then at least over time--which > is why while we could have easily had LCC3 at Berkeley again (and every > year for the foreseeable future), we wanted to move it to new locales. At > present, though, all we can do is beg everyone to be patient. Speaking for > myself, I'm very sorry at how all this has gotten tied up, and I can tell > you that we're really trying our best to get things off the ground.
Let's hope it will happen. If there will be a LCC in Saarbrücken, I will probably be able to attend, perhaps even give a talk. ... brought to you by the Weeping Elf (Reply-To: set to CONLANG list as this is no longer about relays.)