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Inverse relay: quality of documentation

From:kaleissin <kaleissin@...>
Date:Thursday, November 27, 2008, 11:31
I'd love to be in the next inverse relay but I doubt the documentation
I have on Taruven is sufficient. Therefore, I'd like a more in-depth
discussion of what level and breadth of documentation is needed to

* A minimal number of words/meanings in the lexicon?
* Descriptions of which features of the language?
* How many details per word?
* Examples? (Sample texts or fragments?)
* Teach-yourself-style tutorials?
* etc.

I propose a test for sufficient-ness, a short text that someone else
than the author of the language was capable of translating into the
language, that is: a non-relay translation game. Then the translator
can vouch for the quality of the documentation at least.

Oh and of course, I hereby offer to translate a tiny text of my
choosing into one - 1 conlang. Just to get things started, ya' kno'



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