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draqa discoveries (long)

From:Ajin-Kwai <wpii@...>
Date:Thursday, August 24, 2000, 17:55
While getting info from my draqa informant ;) the subject of native
literature came up.  She shared with me 8 verses from their most important
"work".  Thought it might be interesting to share some.  The full name of
the "work" is in fact a verse in and of itself:

dan fikuxoi

mehs    yu-     cika
Word    [REF:attribute] Black
Black Word

mehs    yu-     kloi
Word    [REF:attribute] White
White Word

tama    [c-]    xama
Theory/Secret/System    [REF:association]       Sacred/Important
Important Theory

dan     fiku-   -xoi-
[REF:with regards to]   [QTY:all]       [CLASS:indefinite/abstract]
About All Things (abstract)

I choose to translate this as "Black Words, White Words, Sacred Theory of
The Complete Abstraction".  Interestingly, any one of the four lines can
be used to refer to this collection of verses - the full title is rarely
ever used.  'Black' and 'white' have cultural connotations that make
reffering to the same verses as "black words" and "white words" extremely
relevant, but non-contradictory.

draqa spirituality cannot be separated from any other aspect of their
lives, which goes a long way to explaining these apparently mystical, but
mundane verses.  What impresses me most is the intricate, punnish, and
self-refferential nature of the verses she has shared with me so far.
Though, perhaps it's not so impressive a feat to a native speaker.  For
now I'll share a short verse and a longer verse:

a beoheiweax
a beoheiweo

a       beo-    hei-    weax
[ACT:true statement]    [ASP:continuous] [DRV:acting according to it's
nature] [PRON:1st Exclusive]
I Continue Me-ing

a       beo-    hei-    weo
[ACT:truth] [ASP:continuous] [DRV:natural action] Creation/Conception
Creation/Conception Continues (Happening)

akeh-   weo     -kwai
[CLASS:animate] Creation/Conception     [PRON:general]

I continue
Creation continues

(*much lost here in translation.  The ambiguity as to whether the person
is the creator or the created is part of the significance.)


a hwaioc'fehi he iamheityoun
        miskwa'a hwaioc'fiatyounba
a hwaioc'tyoun he iamheityoun
        miskwa'a hwaioc'fiatyounba
a hwaioc'hana he iamheityoun
        miskwa'a hwaioc'fiatyounba
xeh'a hanabean iehmiehksba jir:

a       hwaio   c-      fehi
[ACT:truth] Creation/Manifestation [REF:association] [PRON:Fehi/Universal]
Fehi's Manifestation

he      iam-    hei-    tyoun
[CONJ:and also] [DRV:approaching a state] [DRV:natural action] Thought
And (It) Became Thought-ing

miskwa'a        hwaio   c-      fia-    tyoun   -ba
[CONJ:and simultaneously] Creation/Manifestation [REF:assoc] [PAUC:all]
Thought [SPEC:this/that/the]
And Simultaneously All The Thoughts Became Manifest

a       hwaio   c-      tyoun
[ACT:truth] Creation/Manifestation [REF:assoc] Thought
Thought's Manifestation

a       hwaio   c-      hana
[ACT:truth] Creation/Manifestation [REF:assoc] Human
Human's Manifestation

xeh'a   hana    -bean   ieh-    miehks  -ba     jir
[ACT:question] Human [SMN:physical body] [LOC:successfully to] Place
[SPEC:this/that/the] Ability
Can Humans Physically Go To That Place?

Fehi manifested and it began to think
And all the thoughts become real
Thought manifested and began to think
And all the thoughts become real
Humans manifested and began to think
And all the thoughts become real
But can people go to that place?

These are the two simplest verses.  If they interest anybody I might be
tempted to post more.  Meanwhile, I'm off to pester her once again...

a beawan jin,