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YHL's Meep & mi Ling-Frak (was Re: Workin' on some stuff.)

From:Jonathan Chang <zhang2323@...>
Date:Thursday, August 24, 2000, 21:13
In a message dated 2000/08/24 01:22:06 AM, YHL wrote:

>OTOH I want to someday build a conlang called "meep" based on my habit of >meeping at people (literally). Yes, I'm weird, but a little humor puts >(some) people at ease...and why not? So far I've gotten 16 people to >meep back. I think it'll be tonal, when I get around to it, and entirely >based on whimsy. >
*gigglabyte* sounds like fun. In my pidgin/creole ConLang Lingwa Frakas, I am trying to incorporate quite a bit of onomatopoeia (quite a bit of it from Japanese and from various sci-fi/comicbooks/pop cultures around the world). UPDATE re: Lingwa Frakas = kinda based on linguist Steven Roger Fischer's prediction that English, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese may become the only dominant world languages *, I have been fine tunin' Ling-Frak (the short nickname for Lingwa Frakas) to be like some sorta "futuro poliglot Spangliz pidgin" ** <<futuristic polyglot Spanglish pidgin>> [with a lotta loan words from other languages, mostly slang and technocultural].... an exercise in "speculative conlanging" or "applied science fiction linguistics" jeje. * Steven Roger Fischer: "At present, because of sheer numbers only the three languages (and their sign languages) will perhaps survive the next 300 years: Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and English" (_A History of Language_, p. 219) ** note the "simple" use of the dotted/underlined g for a hard g sound AND a plain g for the soft g - /j/ or /x/: a palatal or velar fricative - sound Kool-moda <<cool-style (coolly)>>, czHANg