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The Meaning of Exists (was tense outside verbs)

From:Gerald Koenig <jlk@...>
Date:Monday, September 14, 1998, 6:11
>Hi, > >On Wed, 2 Sep 1998, Gerald Koenig wrote: > >[...] > >> This digression into set theory is >> necessary to establish that the copulative, linking use of "is" does >> not necessesarily claim existence, or being "alive". (1). "Ramachandran >> is a great scientist" does not claim that Ramachandran or great >> scientists exist, it claims that the unary set "Ramachandran" is a >> subset of the set of "great scientists". > >Hmmm, well, strange that u say this, since u cannot be a great scientist >without being alive. :) I opine that existence does not imply attributes, >but the converse is true!
Hi Skrintha, I don't want to argue this point too much on conlang as it could go far afield. It seems to be a question that has preoccupied philosophers since Socrates. I found a great net reference to the question which represents each of our points of view, and more; it's 87 pages long. Check it out, it makes fascinating reading: Thanks also for your comments on alternative diagrams for vector tense. I am thinking about them.
> >> "Einstein is no more, but his greatness lives on" >> >> !------------@=============>-------------*---------------> >> is alive mu >> !------------------@====================>*---------------> >> is great > >Cool. I am not sure whether u wd like this, but I got the following idea, >which might not compatible with the overall nilenga design plan. You cd
>> PA Einstein is alive; E. TO MUGZU is great. >> >> This is the long sought unambiguous tense form. > >> "Einstein is alive, but no longer great". >> >> >> !----------@=================*====>--------------------> >> is alive >> >> !----------------@=======>---*--------------------------> >> is great >> >> Einstein EM alive, SU PA great. > >> "Einstein is no more, and is no longer great" >> >> !--------@==================>-------------*-------> >> exists mu=now >> !--------------@======================>---*--------> >> is great >> >> PA Einstein exists, TO PA E. is great. (TOPA=TOP) >> >> Einstein did exist, he was great for part of his existence, he no longer >> is great. [sic] > >Perhaps using Einstein's name has amounted to a minor sacrilege :|
No way. I will admit to being a little hypersensitive after reading some defaming crank theories about relativity in the physics and relativity news groups.
> >It was presumptuous enough of me to try to make these suggestions on what >is essentially yr project! So i shall stop here :)
I appreciate your comments. I wish others would make vector tense their project too. Jerry -------------------- vector tense needs more vectors
> >Thanks for yr comments, >skrintha