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Re: Semitic languages & Cultures

From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Sunday, May 19, 2002, 23:00
In a message dated 05/18/2002 02.52.17 PM, dawier@HOTMAIL.COM writes:

>I mix fantasy and sci-fi, but my future world is more the latter, with >cyberpunk and "new dark age" ideas thrown in. > [ . . . ] My only true conlang I'm working on is Tech, since the other
hominid race, a >resurrection of early humans (Neanderthals, basically), popularly (and pejoratively) >known as Trolls, speak a highly altered form of Latin, which I might change to >something like Lojban in the future. That's more of a controlled language rather than
>a conlang. (Contlang?)
>There may be a third humanoid race -- an amphibious mix of human, fish >and reptile, known tentatively as the Limns. If they get their own conlang, >it'll probably be something based loosely on Sino-Tibetan (or maybe >Sino-Caucasian): no huge consonant phonology like Tech, but instead a >"musical language", where the tones are based around a pentachordal scale >(do re mi fa sol), and the mode of the scale communicates an emotional >meaning or attitude that isn't expressed by words alone.
Hey now! That sounds _almost_ like my other, yet-to-be-sketched out/developed ConLang, a yet-unnamed conlang of a race of space-faring reptilian-like aliens. A few differences tho': extensive use of very l---o---w creaky voice in speaking, ... and they are capable of multiphonics and overtones (especially when throat-singing singing or chanting)!!! ::wicked grin:: And they also use differing growling infrasonic tones to impart "subtextual" information/communication (imagine being able to speak a common language overtly and a clan-dialect/cipher below that). Eek! I will have to eventually figure out a way to write this up somehow in ASCII... 0_o?? Hanuman Zhang ~ "When you lose a language, it's like dropping a bomb on a museum." ~ Kenneth Hale -----------~§~----------- en legoset _ creolego _ = ¡ gwerra sumtotall-morda legotaxo! ¡ banc poli en-noxa legoplex ! creo legoplex ! trans-litteral-slice-ation into English: in Creo-Lego word-set <vocabulary>: War word-system sum-total(all)-death ! <combat/fight linguistic extinction!> Save multiple in-danger language{s}! Create language[s]!