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Semitic languages & Cultures

From:Balazs Sudar <conlang@...>
Date:Thursday, May 16, 2002, 19:17
Hi all!

I have two kinds of questions to everyone concerning semitic languages and
cultures created for your languages.

About semitic languages: I thought to understand the root-system, but there's still problems:

What about two consonant roots? Do they need other rules, or they can be used like
tri-consonant roots?
The other thing: what about words with no specific meanings? I mean words like:
the colours, numbers, words like "if", "about", "of", "and", "yes", "no", etc.?

Do you have any created cultures? I saw you wrote about calendars, but have you
invented creatures, history, places?
And how have you invented names? Do you take all possible words and choose the
ones you like? I don't think so ;-) If there's someone who prefers taking from
other sources, what are they?

        Thanks: Balazs


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