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new Unnamed Conlang

From:Rodlox <rodlox@...>
Date:Thursday, September 16, 2004, 18:45
unnamed language.
concept: narration-based [all Implied First Person]

phoneme pronounciation:
gh (like "GHent" in Holland)
kh (like "KHaan" in Mongolian)
o  (like "cOt" & "Octopus")
u  (like "tUt & "bUnk")
I  (like "tIn" & "pIn"
ii  (like "sIght" and "strIve")
a  (like "bAt" & "cAn")
b  (like "Bat" & "aBBey")
d  (like "Dog" & "aDD")
jy (like "DJoser" in Ancient Egyptian)
n  (like "NouN")
m  (like "Math")
sy (like in East European languages)
zy (like in East European languages)
s  (like "Sop" & "Sip")
s'  (like "Sheep")

ghere = narrate, narration
ghore = he narrates [thusly]
ghure = she narrates [thusly]
ghoure = it was relayed [to me] that it was narrated [thusly]
*for the ending of a narration, replace GH with KH;
khore = [and so] he narrated

s'aih = you
s'aoh = they
s'aeh = other

sobe = to
sabe = from
sebe = with
sibe = by
siibe = of

throw = ghekh
hit = ghedh
kick = ghadh
butting = ghakh

but = dusu
and = sudu
as well (as) = susudu
and then = sudusudu
so, therefore = dususu
because = susu
however = dusudu

jyen = man
jyon = woman
jyiin = anon.
jyiinaum = unknown
jyaen = person, people [abstract concept]

-(a)zy = recipient
-(a)sy = bestower
-aum = (?)


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