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Re: new Unnamed Conlang

From:Tamas Racsko <tracsko@...>
Date:Saturday, September 18, 2004, 11:39
On 17 Sep 2004 Andreas Johansson <andjo@FRE...> wrote:

> > kh (like "KHaan" in Mongolian) > > Mongolian might be a poor example, since very few people speak it.
I do not know Rodlox's intention but Khalkha |(k)h| is pronounced as [X] before back vowels, not [x] (|(k)haan| = [XQ:N]). Is there a better known language with this sound?
> > > > jy (like "DJoser" in Ancient Egyptian) > > > [...] > > ýn X-Sampa - J\ > Ah. Would I then be right in assuming that 'sy' and 'zy' denote, > respectively, a voiceless and a voiced palatal fricative?
In a description about Ancient Egyptian, the above AE sound is described as a palatal _affricate_, i.e. it is rather [J\j\] than simple stop [J\]. However if we consider that this sound was developed in Hungarian from a previous alveolopalatal [dz\], and the present Serbo-Croatian dialects varies between [dz\] ~ [J\j\] in pronouncing letter |dj|, may be Rodlox's |jy| could be realized as [dz\]. In this case |y| could be treated as a diacritic for alveolopalatals and this could make sense of "Eastern European" |sy| and |zy| as [s\] and [z\] respectively. (These sounds are used in Polish.) In another approximation |y| could stand for palatalization, therefore |jy| could be [d'Z'], |sy| [s'] and [zy] [z']. This also can be interpreted as an "Eastern European" feature exsiting in Eastern Slavic languages, in Bulgarian etc.
> a voiceless and a voiced palatal fricative? (I'm still curious to hear > what Eastern European language uses them - I thought I had a decent grasp > of the various Latin orthographies of EE.)
In Hungarian [C] and [j\] are allophones of |j| at the end of the words after consonants, e.g. |kapj| [kOpC] 'get!', |dobj| [dobj\] 'throw!'. Moreover [C] is an allophone of /h/ (spellt as |h| or |ch|) in intervocalic, pre-consonantal (and sometimes final) positions if the adjacent vowel is front, e.g. |ihlet| [iClEt] 'inspiration', |pech| [peC:] 'bad luck'. In addition, [C] is a frequent allophone of /x/ in other languages of this region.


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