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Re: more English orthography

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Thursday, May 18, 2000, 4:00
Douglas Koller wrote:
>My two cents: I don't consider myself that old, but I guess I'm a >curmudgeonly old traditionalist. Words like "thru", "lite", and "nite" are >so intimately attached to (gimmicky) advertising in my mind ... that aside
>experimental poetry, I'd have a hard time dealing with such spellings in a >serious piece of prose. >
It may be debatable whether my emails are "serious prose", but I've been guilty of using _tho_..... Should they ever become the standard spelling, I
>would rather see it occur as it does now, slowly and naturally over time >(as, say, "draft" for "draught" or "plow" for "plough"), than through some >sweeping spelling reform. ...(snip re German)... I would suspect that there
will be, therefore, a generation, maybe two, of spelling mush. And how much better is that than just letting orthographic nature run its course?
> >Asbestos donned,>
The armor of righteousness and, even better, common sense. ;-)