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From:Benct Philip Jonsson <bpj@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 8, 2008, 10:32
Sorry about the atrocious formatting before.
This should be more redable:

It is probably just that Windows doesn't recognise the file
type. Just right-click on the link, choose "Save link as..."
or whatever it's called in your browser and save it to disk
somewhere convenient. When you double-click on the file
Windows will ask what application you want to open it in.
You should scroll/browse to Notepad if you don't have a real
text editor. You can get one for free at
<>, in which case you will need a real
monowidth Unicode font with IPA support. The best one comes
with the DejaVu fonts
Choose Format > Font > DejaVu Sans Mono in PSPad and you're
set. BabelMap and BabelPad from
<> are very handy too.


Scotto Hlad skrev:
 > Henrik, I have been able to look at Terkunan, but windows
 > tries to install something for Þrjótrunn. What format is
 > it in? Thanks Scotto
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 > Henrik Theiling Sent: Friday, January 04, 2008 11:41 AM
 > To: Subject: Re: GMP
 > Hi!
 > Scotto Hlad writes:
 >> After having procured a copy of "From Latin to Romance in
 >> Sound Charts," I am now starting a GMP for another
 >> Romance language with the working name of "L3."
 >> (Inventive, no?) Anyway, I'm enjoying the work of the
 >> author who laid down rules as to the changes from Vulgar
 >> Latin to our modern Romance languages. I'm wondering if
 >> those who have created a GMP would be willing to share a
 >> link or file with me (and hence
 > the group) to see how it was done.
 >> ...
 > Sure. I've done two for my romlangs Þrjótrunn (applying
 > a GMP constructed closely from Proto-Germanic > Modern
 > Icelandic to Latin) and Terkunan (a fictious GMP inspired
 > by some Romance natlangs (mainly Catalan and
 > Sicilian/Calabrese)). They can be downloaded here:
 > (for
 > Þrjótrunn)
 > and here:
 > (for Terkunan)
 > For Terkunan, you can interactively play with the GMP and
 > run your own words through it.
 > **Henrik