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From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Friday, January 4, 2008, 18:40

Scotto Hlad writes:
> After having procured a copy of "From Latin to Romance in Sound Charts," I > am now starting a GMP for another Romance language with the working name of > "L3." (Inventive, no?) Anyway, I'm enjoying the work of the author who laid > down rules as to the changes from Vulgar Latin to our modern Romance > languages. I'm wondering if those who have created a GMP would be willing to > share a link or file with me (and hence the group) to see how it was done. >...
Sure. I've done two for my romlangs Þrjótrunn (applying a GMP constructed closely from Proto-Germanic > Modern Icelandic to Latin) and Terkunan (a fictious GMP inspired by some Romance natlangs (mainly Catalan and Sicilian/Calabrese)). They can be downloaded here: (for Þrjótrunn) and here: (for Terkunan) For Terkunan, you can interactively play with the GMP and run your own words through it. **Henrik


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