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Re: OT: Corpses, etc. (was: Re: Gender in conlangs (was: Re: Umlauts (was Re: Elves and Ill Bethisad)))

From:Isidora Zamora <isidora@...>
Date:Thursday, November 6, 2003, 20:05
>* Assuming you've got similar ideas of what is nice that I have - I guess some >Americans would have difficulties to adapt to a society which does not >practice capital punishment, but considers automatically justified a policeman >who kills an armed civilian.
In reality, America barely practices capital punishment today. People are sentenced to death only rarely (in relation to how very many murders are committed in this country), and most of those death sentences are never carried out. It's actually a newsworthy event for the entire nation when a prisoner in any one of the 50 states is executed. It happens that rarely. Yeah, policemen aren't really supposed to kill armed civilians. People get pretty upset when that happens. I don't know what it is that the policemen are supposed to do in certain situations, but it's always a big problem when the police kill someone. I expect that a Trehelish soldier* who kills an armed civilian would be considered justified, in the way that I think you meant armed. I assume that you meant that the arms were being used against the policeman, not that the civilian was simply carrying a weapon. In Sovchilen, the capital city of Trehelan, a lot of the men, and probably at least one third of the women, wear daggers**, and men who can afford a sword and know how to use one often wear one. The population of Sovchilen is highly armed***, so the civilian in question would have to have the weapon unsheathed and act like they were planning to use it. Killing in self defense is not even considered a crime under Trehelish law, but sometimes it can get touchy to determine whether it was self-defense if both parties had weapons drawn and the witnesses give conflicting reports. So if a soldier killed a civilian in self-defense, there would be no questions about the propriety of the act. Most of those cases would probably never go to court to prove self-defense. (Or things may be such that a civilian really can't bring a criminal suit like that against a soldier.) I'm not certain exactly what the laws are relating to what a property owner can do to a burgler caught in the act, but the burglar has very little legal protection. I don't think that it is considered a crime to kill a burgler while he is on your own property. Of course, as phobic as Trehelish people are about corpses****, I don't think that they would especially want to create a fresh one in their own living room (if they even have what we think of as a "living room.") I expect that any homeowner who thought that he might have mortally wounded a burglar would probably tell the burglar to go outside and die there. The Trehelish are not a gentle people, nor do they put up with thieves. (The fourth conviction for theft carries the death penalty.) I'm not certain whether it's really what you would term a "nice" society. *Trehelan has a standing army which doubles as a police force. They have absolutely no concept that there even could be separate military and police forces. Since they don't even have a concept of "police," I simply use the words "soldier" and "military." **A dagger being a weapon, a knife being a tool. Everyone, man or woman (and some children) carries a knife, and a knife can be pressed into service as a weapon, but a dagger is intended to be a weapon. ***The populations of the smaller cities and towns are less heavily armed. Sovchilen has the higest crime rate in the country, thus more people arm themselves. ****Somehow or other, we seem to be keeping this thread on its stated topic, macabre as that might be. Why is it that the thread on corpses is the one that stays on topic? Isidora


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