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Grandfather and the Dragon (Early Lahabic)

From:Anthony M. Miles <theophilus88@...>
Date:Thursday, June 8, 2000, 20:06
_Temphaphorkhe ned Dhabdehuuyuuttoiarkhe_
dyaineimobh nahool leemabon natetemphaphorkhe thain
ruutetyadattethadeemabhoin. laaoonde dyaieneimobh nahool thibilouombon
kholei marateimobh laaoonde.kholei marateimobh laaoonde. kheoonde
dyaieneimobh hool pyaarenouombon kholei gwauneimobh laaoonde. peidoonde
dyaieneimobh nahool kabilouombon. meneimoob wouintoiaaze aadhabwozzee hool
kabilouombon, khogwo aiyikeizoo kyeldaraaleimobh natetemphaphorkhe.
phoioonde hiyikeizoo halazeimabh ya thyimeedouontoor, hiyikrakhe,
heudgaredrakhe, padrakhe, nagwaindrakhe. tyaieneimobh hool thyimeedouombon
gwounouondhabwoolei gwououondlei hool leemagwos.

_Grandfather and the Overgrown Earthworm_
Was-wandering around/in world my-grandfather during his-own-boy-years. First
[he] was-wandering around/in west-region that was-sand only. Secondly [he]
was-wandering around/in north-region that was-snow only. Thirdly [he]
was-wandering in east-region. There were mountains very high in east-region
that to climb could-not my-grandfather. Fourthly to-go [he] minded to(wards)
south-region, the walker, the on-beaster, the bird, the boater. [He]
was-seeing in south-region citiest city in world.

Note: The Early Lahabic speakers did not have horses. The Classical Lahabic
word was [zarendlE] from Classical Maradic [zarenledZ], 'animal,(esp.

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