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Two Kash "sisami"

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Thursday, June 8, 2000, 19:47
The following were sent to Conculture by a slip of the mouse.  It was
suggested I post them here, with the interlinear, so---

Working on Irina's _Song of the Starling_ got me going.  Here are two more
in the same form, very different topic & style.

kashinde kotani:
sila pehan hat lato, fosisa roshen--
mam mushak ilele-- i ritan halumbak--
cayi nahanpo...anji_anulami cakande--  (elide ..i a... to ...ya...)
a sisami,
na, kandri filati-- kanashu feliyosh?

kashama kotani:
yu, enjiki celika-- enahan ta fengop...
pun lunda cis ciki enahan-- hanimbur?
kyati, uku i sheyak sot lero kreloni....
a sisami,
manuwakpo, tayaka,_amelu kariyi?  (elide ...ka a... to ...ka....)

Kash.inde   (person.mother word.her)
sila pehan hat lato,  roshe.n
3   year  you(emph) wander, sail.past sea.acc

mam mushak ilele ----  i  ritan  ha.lumbak
I(emph) plow  garden --- and  here you.come-home

cayi  nahan.po ...  anji   anula.mi  cak.ande
have-to eat.just .. earring  ACCID.pawn

a sisa.mi

na,   kandri   fila.ti --- kaná.shu feliyosh
well, what bring.2sPOS --  thing.pej.  Gwr

kash.ama (person.father)
yu,      enjiki  celika -- enahan  ta fengop
that (is)  skillet electric -- meat  not adhere

pun lunda cis ciki enahan --- ha.nimbur?
if  ever  again  fry  meat --  you.remember

kyati,  uku  i  sheyak  sot  lero
y'know,  uku and sour  7   day  week.3sPOS

a sisami (as above)
ma.nuwak.po ---  taya.ka   añ.welu  kari.i
I.ask.just ---  this.QUES  who.GEN

Free translation:
The wife says:
  Three years you roamed, sailing the seas--
  I plowed the field-- and here you are home again.
  We had to gold ear-rings got pawned.
  Oh my love,
  well now, what't this you've brought-- some damn fool Gwr thing?

The husband says:
   That's an electric skillet-- the meat won't stick...
   if you ever cook meat again...remember how?
   y'know, uku and pickle seven days a week....
  Oh my love,
  Just out of curiosity, whose baby is this?

Very colloquial style, with metical anomalies, like emphatic subject
pronouns (hat, mam) in unstressed position; elision of "anjyanulami" and
"tayakamelu"-- usually avoided, it makes things too easy; use of _na,
kyati_,  as jarring as yo! or ain't in formal Engl.   _feliyosh_ is a non-PC
term for the Gwr-- neut. pl. of feliyo 'fool' (I think I've mentioned,
they're very clever & tech oriented); _uku_ is a very bland boiled
grain, the pickles help you choke it down-- the food of poverty.

These are the sort of things people might start improvising, as the party
and the wine start moving along.