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Re: FINAL QUESTION: your natlangs. Sorry this is the last of the

From:HS Brandsma <hsbrand@...>
Date:Thursday, October 8, 1998, 8:04
In response to the Natlang query (though late):

Frisian (Westerlauwer), Dutch, Harlingen dialect (Town Frisian)

Those are the langs I grew up with (not strange with a Frisian
speaking mother, a Harlingen dialect speaking father and living
outside of Friesland)
I'm fluent in all three.

English, German, French

Learnt those in high school. Most fluent in English, then German, then

Latin, Classical Greek (Learnt those in high school as well, but I
only know these passively, ie in written form)

Spanish, Danish, Fering (variety of North Frisian)
Learnt those later, Danish and Fering in college. I did translate a book of
poetry to Dutch with a friend. (poemas del hambre y su perro)

Currently I'm learning Seelter Frisian and Halunder Frisian (East and
North Frisian varieties respectively).
Longer projects are to learn Welsh and Scots Gaelic. (progress is
slow, my work as a mathematician (topologist) is taking a lot of time)
I can understand Norwegian, Swedish, Mooring Frisian, Afrikaans and
Jiddish (of the Germanic langs) and Italian and Catalan (of the
Romance langs) pretty well.

Henno Brandsma