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Degrees of volition in active languages (wasRe:Chevraqis:asketch)

From:J Matthew Pearson <pearson@...>
Date:Sunday, August 13, 2000, 21:01
Nik Taylor wrote:

> J Matthew Pearson wrote: > > a different series of articles is used with proper names: > > > > Malagasy: > > > > ny boky "the book" > > i Noro "Noro" > > Would i Boky mean "The Book", especially as part of a title (like, "i > Boky [of Job]" for The Book of Job)?
No. The determiner "i" is used only for people (usually children, or those with non-Malagasy names). Thus "i Boky" would be grammatical only if "Boky" were a person's name. Matt.