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Re: Animal Sounds like...

From:Eric Christopherson <eric@...>
Date:Saturday, November 21, 1998, 6:00
> ykwa /'ikw@/ EE-kwuh
Horse (PIE *ekwo)
> kwermit /'kwErmIt/ KWEHR-mit
Frog is not a choice? :(
> rakkydna /ra'kidn@/ rah-KEED-nuh
Badger (from the resemblance to 'raccoon') or spider (arachnid)
> yno /'inu/ EE-noo
Dog (Japanese inu)
> kohsa /'koS@/ KOH=shuh
Cow? (PIE gwou)
> moltro /'moltro/ MOLE-troh
A molten lava-man :)
> feco /'feko/ FAY-koh
Don't even want to go there! :D
> vyo /'vio/ VEE-oh
> fulpa /'f^/p@/ FUHL-puh
Wolf (Latin vulpes)
> marto /'marto/ MAR-toh
I, like someone else, thought of martins/weasels... maybe this is badger.