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Re: Animal Sounds like...

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Sunday, November 22, 1998, 3:25
Not too bad...

The animals that I drew from Indo-European were:

        "horse": ykwa, L. equus, of course, from *ekwo
        "fox": fulpa, L. vulpes, from *wlp
        "cow/bull": feco, L. pecu, from *peku "money," "cattle"
                Bryan's sense that it was "fecal" (flies on poo)
                is from L. faec, dregs.

        "rakkydna" is from Gr. Arachne
        "kohsa" is a stretch from L. canus and IE *kwon, so it doesn't
        really count;
        so is "yba" from L. ovis, IE *owi-- actually, this was one of
                the Human Engineering Laboratory language aptitude
                test words: eba sheep.  enu lamb.  The idea was to
                see how quickly you could learn their nonsense words,
                and I still remember most of them.  Ta was bird.
                Teo was lion, but I adoped it as "run," to link it in
                my mind with a rampant lion.
        yno, lamb

        The rest are made up:

        moltro, chicken  (I think I must have been thinking of poultry)
        nykanel, mouse... (it just sounded sneakey and eeky to me)
        kokly, monkey (I was thinking of those long arms and that
                long, kooky tail)
        vyo, dove (perhaps the v-v-v-v-v of its wings--also its mournful
        jyjak, gull of course.
        damabroh, from OE broc, "badger."
        tohda is cat.  It walks on its toes?  I don't know.
        kwermit is "duck."  It just sounds like a duck.  krek krek krek...
        marto is hawk.  Who knows why?

Sally Caves

Li fetil'aiba, dam hoja-le uen.
volwin ly, vul inua aiba bronib.

This leaf, the wind takes her.
She's old, and born this year.