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Re: Animal Sounds like...

From:Sylvia Sotomayor <sylvia1@...>
Date:Friday, November 20, 1998, 23:54
At 06:30 PM 11/20/98 -0500, Nik Taylor wrote:
>Sally Caves wrote: >> ykwa /'ikw@/ EE-kwuh > >Horse (as in _equus_) > >> kwermit /'kwErmIt/ KWEHR-mit > >Makes me think of a frog, but since that's not one of your choices, I'd >guess duck. > >> kokly /'kukli/ KOO-klee > >Chicken? > >> rakkydna /ra'kidn@/ rah-KEED-nuh > >Spider? (arachnid) > >> yno /'inu/ EE-noo > >Cow? > >The others I had absolutely no clue on. >
Well, fulpa would be fox, as in Vulpes. And, marto makes me think of Martes, which is the name for ferrets and weasels, but I don't think either of those were on the list. And, yba is probably sheep, as in Ovis, ewe, etc. Sylvia Sotomayor