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Re: Animal Sounds like...

From:Bryan Maloney <bjm10@...>
Date:Friday, November 20, 1998, 20:40
On Fri, 20 Nov 1998, Sally Caves wrote:

Okay, so I'm not giving what was asked, but I'll guess the critters
without looking at the list on the bottom, instead.

> damabroh /'dam@broX/ DAH-mah-bro(c)h
Brother in law.
> ykwa /'ikw@/ EE-kwuh
> kwermit /'kwErmIt/ KWEHR-mit
> tohda /'toD@/ TOE-thuh
> kokly /'kukli/ KOO-klee
Barney Google
> rakkydna /ra'kidn@/ rah-KEED-nuh
> yno /'inu/ EE-noo
> nykanel /'nik@nEl/ NEE-kuh-nel
> kohsa /'koS@/ KOH=shuh
Anything not a Pig
> yba /'ib@/ EE-buh
Mouse while being squashed
> moltro /'moltro/ MOLE-troh
Big whatever it is
> feco /'feko/ FAY-koh
Fly on Poop
> vyo /'vio/ VEE-oh
What you get when you grill a kavo
> fulpa /'f^/p@/ FUHL-puh
Dad after a large meal.
> jyjak /'ZyZak/ ZHEE-zhak
If M. Chevalier had been a cross-dresser, he'd have played this role.
> marto /'marto/ MAR-toh
Uses the Eludium Pew-38 Space Modulator a lot.
> > dog, cat, horse, cow/bull, lamb, sheep, fox, badger, > duck, hawk, gull, dove, chicken, monkey, spider, mouse.
Gee, looks like I wasn't too good.