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CHAT: anime & manga (was Re: conlang greetings? (was Re: Let me introduce myself)

From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 4, 2001, 23:55
In a message dated 04.12.2001 01:48:57 PM, cowan@MERCURY.CCIL.ORG writes:

>Irina Rempt scripsit: > >> I'm beginning to feel that I'm the only person on the list - no, the >> only person in the *world* - who doesn't like manga and anime. What's >> wrong with me? > >Not a thing. I don't care for it either. Violent, sexist, and >artistically crude. >
::nods head in agreement:: I agree to a degree. There is the occasional good piece here & there (_Akira_ is one that pops into me head right away & another is _Ghosts in the Machine_... but then again I prefer European sci-fi comix slightly better & I have seen some really intriguin' Russian sci-fi comix but have no clue what the heck they are about...) oh, & I reaaally loved _Final Fantasy_ (& that was not terribly sexist or artistically crude at all...& the mild violence served the story-line & the storyline had a neat interpretation of the Gaia Theory). czHANg


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