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OT: sorta OT: cases: please help...

From:nicole dobrowolski <fuzzybluemonkeys@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 4, 2001, 23:07
this is a really stupid and obvious question and it seems like
everyone on the planet can understand it except me... but could
someone please explain the cases to me (nominative, accusative,
dative, genitive, instrumental, locative, vocative) i was never
taught them very well in english and for a while there i thought i
understood them from german but then i took polish and now i'm all
confused again... and i'm going to need to know them for my polish
final exam (it's not a matter of memorizing the endings... i can do
that... i just don't know when to use them)... it might also be
helpful if i ever want to create a language with cases (thankfully
narethanaal doesn't have any... hmmm... i wonder why...?)... and try
not to use too many technical terms else there will be large amounts
of meeping on my part... so explain it to me as if i were a complete
and utter idiot (which i quite possibly am)... and maybe i'll be able
to muddle through somehow...

...nicole, who gives many thanks to anyone willing to patiently
explain this stuff...

shmuli atae muhnkia-jiqek qelek nimmekel-Luddiga blå apor-flauschige blaue
Affen-tódifai kówainG MANgKIWi-mêndos êzoros faffalos-khami zhaftami nuri
xhan-jasánni júñi jakihéññi-Moncaithe gorma clúmhacha-Monhyey ngonul
hweyaru ryehyumeru-muncaidhean gorma molach-jhachtaraadkimyo-monos peludos
azules-pushistye sinie obe&#380;iany-zçínesfersaup sülíraup
böfparaup-k&#281;dzierzawe niebieskie ma&#322;py-cirmos ke'k majmok-fuzzi
serule mini-primate-Hlässöbonakkäa Jonäjë-pluizige blauwe aapjes-menomeno
yanubi wayanoso-monkátí kosipi eyoh-macacos nebulosos azuis-pukhnasti
blakytni mavpy-lådne blå aber

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